What To Do When You Are Responsible For Administering A Trust

Step One: Realize The Seriousness Of Your Duties

Acting as a trustee after the death of a loved one or any person who has designated you with this responsibility can be an honor as well as a challenge. As the trustee of someone's estate, you naturally want to fulfill your obligations in line with the intentions of the trustor (the deceased person). Ideally, the trust was created in accordance with the objectives of its creator(s).

You also, no doubt, want to avoid conflicts and delays. You want to be sure you fulfill your duties lawfully. Legal counsel is valuable to prevent unintended or unexpected complications.

Step Two: Choose An Experienced Estate Law Attorney To Guide You

Lane Law Group, Inc., in Rancho Palos Verdes, can help you accomplish these objectives. With the knowledgeable guidance of estate planning lawyer Byron R. Lane, you will be equipped to carry out the administration of a California trust confidently and efficiently.

Steps Three And Beyond: Gather Assets And Distribute Legally And Accurately

He is prepared to guide you through all aspects of trust administration, including sending proper notifications to beneficiaries and gathering and distributing assets. Court involvement may or may not be necessary. You may also be named as the executor (personal representative) of a will. Attorney Byron R. Lane can help you determine which assets pertain to the trust and which fall under the provisions of the will.

Trustees And Other Interested Parties: Contact Lane Law Group, Inc., For Help With Trust Administration

As a trustee, you are held to the highest duty of care under the law. If you make mistakes, you put yourself at risk. Learn how to protect yourself while administering a trust. Lane Law Group, Inc., in Rancho Palos Verdes, is ready to guide you through all phases of trust administration. Reach us at 424-570-5605 or by sending an inquiry through this website. We have the experience and skills necessary to address your concerns cost-effectively.